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Products description

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A Product Specification Document (PSD) provides amongst others the following information for each of the three ECV soil moisture products (active-only, passive-only, merged active-passive):

  • Product name
  • Version number
  • Spatial domain (global)
  • Temporal domain (e.g. 1978-2010)
  • Spatial resolution (e.g. 0.25°)
  • Temporal resolution (e.g. daily)
  • Layer depth (0.5-2 cm)
  • Projection and gridding (e.g. lat-lon)
  • Error fields (e.g. errors from triple collocation and/or error propagation)
  • Quality and confidence flags (snow, frozen soil, topography, water, etc.)
  • Data format (e.g. NetCDF)
  • Available metadata (e.g. global soil porosity map)
  • Delivery mechanism (e.g. ftp)

The Comprehensive Error Characterisation Report (CECR) gives an overview of all known errors of the soil moisture dataset while the Algorithm Theoretical baseline document (ATBD) provides a detailed description of the algorithms that are used within the Soil Moisture ECV production system.