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Data Product Description

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Products to be developed within the Soil Moisture CCI project:


Three ECV soil moisture products are provided (click to obtain related ATBD document)

A Product Specification Document (PSD) provides amongst others the following information for each of the three ECV soil moisture products (active-only, passive-only, merged active-passive):

  • Product name
  • Version number
  • Spatial domain (global)
  • Temporal domain (e.g. 1978-2010)
  • Spatial resolution (e.g. 0.25°)
  • Temporal resolution (e.g. daily)
  • Layer depth (0.5-2 cm)
  • Projection and gridding (e.g. lat-lon)
  • Error fields (e.g. errors from triple collocation and/or error propagation)
  • Quality and confidence flags (snow, frozen soil, topography, water, etc.)
  • Data format (e.g. NetCDF)
  • Available metadata (e.g. global soil porosity map)
  • Delivery mechanism (e.g. ftp)


The Algorithm Theoretical baseline document (ATBD) provides a detailed description of the algorithms that are used within the Soil Moisture ECV production system.

Data standards

  • Data standards will be defined in accordance to best practice resulting for CCI SM project participation in the ECV data standards working group. It is very likely that these standards will be based upon best community practice undertaken with the Climate Forecast community, (i.e. NetCDF CF best practice) and will support INSPIRE standards for access to and use of geospatial data within Europe.


  • A set of metadata will be provided with the data products in accordance with the user requirements, product specifications and relevant metadata standard as promoted and accepted within the ECV data standards working group.



  • Licencing conditions will follow the principles of openness and transparency wherever applicable. All ECV data products resulting from the project are freely accessible.