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Soil Moisture CCI holds fourth progress meeting in Vienna (20 March 2013)

Participants of PM 4 Vienna

The fourth progress meeting (PM 4) of the Soil Moisture CCI project took place in Vienna, Austria, on 20th of March 2013. The meeting was hosted by the project’s science lead Vienna University of Technology and focused on the latest scientific achievements. Read more »

Satellite Soil Moisture Validation and Application Workshop at ESA ESRIN in Frascati, Italy, 1-3 July 2013


Register now for the Satellite Soil Moisture Validation and Application Workshop that has the objective to discuss and reconcile recent methodological advances in the validation and application of global satellite soil moisture data. Read more »

Richard de Jeu wins 2012 Boussinesq award


A scientist from the CCI soil moisture project, assistant professor Richard de Jeu of University Amsterdam (VUA), was awarded for his outstanding scientific contributions to hydrological sciences. He gained the Boussinesq award for his development of global soil moisture and evaporation products. Read more »

Members of CCI team co-author article on soil moisture - precipitation feedback in Nature


Where does it rain on a hot day's afternoon? Satellite data prepared by the VU University Amsterdam and the Vienna University of Technology show that soil moisture plays an important role. Through the synergistic use of active and passive microwave sensors the study showed that soil
moisture influences precipitation in a way that is quite different from
what models have predicted so far: convective precipitation is more
likely to occur over drier soils. Read more »

First ECV soil moisture workshop held in Vienna (20. – 21. September 2012)


The 1st workshop on the ECV soil moisture product developed within the CCI soil moisture project took place in Vienna, Austria on the 20th and 21st of September 2012. The workshop was attended by a total of 23 participants from 12 different countries. The main objectives of the workshop were to provide participants with a complete theoretical and hands-on overview on how to access, compare and work with the ECV soil moisture product and to get critical feedback from the users. Read more »

Soil Moisture CCI holds third progress meeting in Vienna (19 September 2012)


The third progress meeting (PM 3) of the Soil Moisture CCI project took place in Vienna, Austria, on 19th of September 2012. The meeting was hosted by the project’s science lead Technische Universität Wien (TU Wien) and was split in a project and a science part. Read more »

New publication about the fusion of active and passive microwave observations

A new scientific publication in the ISPRS Annals discusses on a high-level possible approaches for fusing the individual active and passive satellite data. Read more »

Enormous interest in the 30 years ECV soil moisture data: 130 requests in the first month

ECV soil moisture per GEO societal benefit area.PNG

Since its publication on 18th of June 2012 about 130 users requested the 30 years of ECV soil moisture data and there are about five new requests daily. After a first analysis of user information provided during registration a clear picture of the usage of the ECV soil moisture dataset emerges. Read more »

Scientists from CCI Soil Moisture project contribute to the latest BAMS special issue

The latest Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society (BAMS) includes contributions from researchers active in the CCI Soil Moisture project. From page 30 to 34 they provide an overview of the state of soil moisture for 2011 and explain the ECV merging strategy for active and passive soil moisture data. The report is available for download from the BAMS publication site. Read more »

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